Monday, July 8, 2013

Girls, Garbage Trucks, Good Times

Mondays are quite the fun-days with Mary Jane and Betsy.  You wouldn't believe how much excitement they receive watching trash trucks go down the street.  And the best news: three different trash trucks and they have to go east and west down the street.  Six times to see trash trucks!!!  No greater joy than seeing that arm reach down, grab the receptacle, raise it high into the air, fling it over the top, release the garbage, and then slamming it back down onto the ground.  Try it some time.  It might not awe you but watch it with a toddler.  Now I understand why little kids were so into Bob the Builder and stuff like that.

Of course that would just be six times to see the trash trucks doing their glorious deeds.  To maximize trash-dumping viewings, I pulled out the stroller and followed them down Dewey Street.  Interestingly enough, the trucks eke ahead a little more than the casual stroll a parent would use.  Yes, I could haul it with the Double Bob but I had my sandals on and as Mary Jane knows, I only run with my white shoes.  Sandals?  Maybe a deliberate pace... but never fast.  Regardless we did see lots more trash dumping today.

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Juanita said...

John, I LOVE to see daily life through your eyes, with two little girls! I remember many exciting days with grandkids and garbage trucks. Can't remember any with my kids...memory failure, no trash pickups in 'those days'