Monday, July 8, 2013

Modern Art

Betsy Jo and Mary Jane had their weekly art fest in the backyard this afternoon.  If it's Monday, it has to be art day.  With each work I've learned more lessons... no more shirts to be painted upon, mix the paints with water, paint on grass, let them be.  Yes, whisper words of wisdom: let them be, let them be.

While that piece might not look like me to the untrained eye, one can clearly see a red pterodactyl in the upper left hand corner of the work.  I don't think that Salvador Dali could do any better.  OK, maybe he had the really cool mustache but Mary Jane has the artistic pacifier.  Normally I say no pacifiers unless you're sleeping but if it spurs such artistic genius, I will let her use it as her muse.

The girls especially like art day because early bath time follows that (yeah, extra time to wash out all the paint that ends up on their skin... and hair!).

Dare I say I feel like I need to sneak out there the next time the girls have a nap and work on some paints myself.  I have no idea what I would paint but there's always inspiration.  I'm not using a pacifier though.

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