Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Wheels on That Bus Went Up and Down... Too Much

Mary Jane and Betsy Jo took on their very first amusement park today as they went with Mommy and Daddy to Adventure City in Anaheim.  It's geared towards the smaller set.  There was a carousel (Daddy had never ridden one before), a train (a good slow ride), and a crazy bus among other rides.  Mary Jane went on the ride twice... Betsy could only manage it once.  Afterward Mary Jane said, "I don't like bus.  Up and down too much."  Indeed!!!

Overall a thumbs up for the park as it entertained our two girls for the two hours we were there.  Why so short of a time?  Hey now, they're toddlers.  They have nap times to deal with!
Crazy Bus!

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