Sunday, July 14, 2013

Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

Clearly Mary Jane does not.  She crawled out of her crib repeatedly tonight to remind Mommy and Daddy that they should also be going to sleep.  In a span of about ten minutes, she shuttled from Daddy (flopped on the couch playing Sudoko on his Kindle Fire) to Mommy (feigning sleep in the bedroom) kissing them both good night.  This repeated over and over... finally she thought of climbing back into her crib and she did.  For about ten minutes.  Then she came back out to check up on the sleep patterns of her beloved parents.  Finally... after she walked into the master bedroom and saw Mommy and Daddy both "asleep," she climbed on the bed and nearly jumped on Mommy's ribs before Daddy had to place her to sleep.  Now... quietly... peacefully... calmly... Mary Jane sleeps.

I think Mommy is asleep too.

Daddy blogs.  What's up with that?

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