Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fun Maps

According to this map, I have visited 15% of countries! John has made me measure my travel by the # of states/countries/continents that I've visited.

Our goal: hit all 50 states! during our life. I've made it to 34 states....66%! Not bad.

I also want to hit all of the continents. I need to hit Asia (should be easy...I'd love to see the Great Wall, the beaches in Thailand or Vietnam, and Kyoto in Japan). I also need Antartica. John and I have our eye on a cruise that takes you to Antartica.

I always have the travel bug. Thanks to work, I may make it back to either Spain or Sweden this summer. Both countries rank on my top of the list. I was in Sweden two years the summer. John went at Christmas time. Boy, what a difference! I stayed in Stokholm and loved the city. It was beautiful. Truly a wonderful city. Plus, Stokholm's the only place I've ever seen/eaten licorice flavored ice cream. Wonderful!!

And Spain....oh, I love Spain. I love the culture and the lifestyle. I love the ham (serrano jambon) sandwiches and the sangria. I love the architecture...the meshing of Muslim and Christian buildings.

Gotta run...John's on the radio!


John said...

Wow, makes me want to check out my "world map." Guessing it's quite similar. But no Argentina for me.

John and Jill said...

This looks like one of those WWII maps with the red showing the extent of the Nazi armies.