Thursday, May 31, 2007

My 'Stang Is Dead; or, Whiny Car Salesmen

First of all, my precious red Mustang is no more. A little ran a stop sign and plowed into me this past Saturday and now I am without wheels. A man without wheels is not a man... might as well call me Pete. The price of the repairs vastly exceeds that of the value of the car. Damn.

So anyway, Jill and I were trying to check out a new Prius today. Really good stuff until we had to deal with the salesmen. The guy out on the lot was good but damn if that money "closer" guy wasn't the biggest weanie. I can't believe how they try to high ball you with ridiculous offers and then magically give you "good news" on how it is suddenly 50% lower a month with a 5% decrease in rate. Whatever... losers. And then don't cry after we say NO.

But there is a sense of power there as we just left them. I felt like saying, "Hey, thanks for the popcorn." Oh. "And be a man and stop crying!" THUMP.

I think Jill seconds this testimony.

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