Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jane v. Cherry Bugg in the Bunny Election Rematch

With November approaching and Election Day so close at hand, the matter is getting quite tense here on Dewey Street. Jane, the unquestioned monarch of the back yard for the past six years, is suddenly being challenged to an election by the precocious Cherry Bugg. While Jane believes in divine right of rabbits, Cherry Bugg thinks that all animals should be able to vote for their rulers. (Never mind the fact that they would probably vote off my wife Jill as she rarely feeds them and they would rather replace her with a self-serve grain stand. I, however, would not like to be married to a self-serve grain stand.)

Considering that we do have five rabbits, this election is up for grabs. However, since Jane's mate is Phillip, he will most probably vote for her. Besides, he does not get along well with Cherry Bugg as they tend to fight.

So this means that Ruby Jane and Root Beer Float -- clearly two independent voters with a voting history as scatter-shot as a drunk possum with a pellet gun -- may decide who the winner of the Bunny Election will be.

It has been rumored that ALL animals within the household get a vote so our stuffed animals may also get to decide. Clifford, TV Turtle, Mama Bugg, Papa Bugg, Sharky, Pedro, Trumpet, and even Tan Chihuahua all may get a say in this all-important event.

Hopefully, there will not be a recall on this year's election as Jill and I would prefer to stay in this house for the time being.

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