Sunday, September 28, 2008

Suppsedly Neutral Human Caught Cuddling Candidate

Even more controversy has rocked the Bunny Election of 2008 when one Jill Erb was seen cuddling Cherry Bugg, a candidate for the top spot. While neither could be available for comment, others were quick to speak. "No rats!" was heard from a neutral dog Clifford. A supporter of Cherry Bugg, a coughing rabbit named Papa Bugg (admittedly a supporter of Cherry Bugg as well as her father) said, "That's fine and dandy but does anyone have any smokes?" Finally a cute looking Root Beer Float did not say of whom she would vote but rather curiously kept grazing on the grass only lifting her head to sneeze cutely for reporters.

Remember: Bunny Election Day is the same day as the one for those humans. Thump the vote!

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