Saturday, September 27, 2008

Supporters of Cherry Bugg Try to Smear Princess Jane Before the Elections

Someone from the Cherry Bugg camp released a private photo between Phillip and Princess Jane trying to stir some controversy. Jane's camp immediately replied that what happens in the back yard between two consenting rabbits should remain that way. However, this as any surprising photo may change the minds of "simple stuffed animals in the house" one anonymous source said.

Meanwhile Cherry Bugg was seen trying to eat leaves off trees; the environmentalists were not happy.

The debates will begin this week. Possible topics: food shortages, indoor flop time, new human servants, the economy, and stinky butts. Both candidates will stand upon one dais but will be separated by a four foot wire fence in case they try to bite each other in the butt. No one ever said that rabbit politics was a friendly art or science. In fact it's more like a rabbit joust: two rabbits, one couch, lots of lunging with claws up!

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