Sunday, September 21, 2008

Discussions Sweep Backyard over Upcoming Election

Bunnies were debating all over the backyard in regards to key issues that might change the future of rabbits on Dewey Street. Some were talking under the orange tree while other were flopping together on the sun-light grass. Even others were musing indoors on the cool feel of a polished wooden floor.

"I think it's all about the carrot economy," said an anonymous white rabbit with black spots and a curious orange discoloration under her chin. "I will choose the rabbit that gets me more carrots. And if that has to be Mr. John or Miss Jill than I might have to choose them.

Another rabbit with brown fur also added to the discussion, "I fear for my safety sometimes. I think others are out to get me and bite my butt. I really need a new leader who will protect me from that. I have a very sensitive fluffy tail.

While most of the day the discussions were civil, some arguments did arise over which rabbit would get the most food and which rabbits would get to run around on Sunday. Furthermore, indoor visitation rights in the winter also seem tantamount. Ultimately the rabbits thumped, flopped, ate dead leaves, and promised to resume discussion next Sunday.

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