Monday, June 8, 2009

Someone Goes Potty on Quizzes; Chip Claims Innocence

This evening while Mr. John and Miss Jill were off watching a dramatic episode of The Bachelorette (oh my gosh, who lied and has a girlfriend?), someone went potty on Mr. John's period 1 and 5 quizzes. No one has admitted it but Chip was right nearby. He says he did not do it and it was all subterfuge. He says Paulie, the stuffed Dodger tiger did it since there were no games tonight and the Dodgers had lost the night before on ESPN. I have my doubts on that.

Alas, we may never know who went potty on the quizzes. But since four of the bunnies were locked up outside in cages and Cherry Bugg was snuggled in her cage in our bedroom, methinks it was the Chipper. But he does look quite innocent in that picture, doesn't he?

Guess I won't be lying on the couch tonight watching SportsCenter after all.

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