Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sisterhood Strong in Backyard

Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane have released the following statement regarding the new mini-fence in the back yard which prevents them for eating the new flowers: "We, the sisters Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane, do solemnly swear under great oath of dignity that we, the aforementioned rabbits, will not participate in any rabbit-like activities, parades, or festivals until the autocratic government of Miss Jill and Mister John remove the fence of great offense which disallows said ability to hop and enjoy the variety and tastes of roses and hydrangeas thus disallowing one of the main tenets of the Rabbit Constitution which states unequivocally that 'all Rabbits should be provided with freedoms of food, liberty, and the pursuit of thumping.' That is all." The two have not responded to any queries from either the public or the local magistrates.

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