Monday, June 22, 2009

Chip Argues with Aunt Cherry Bugg over Father's Day

Yesterday, Chip got into a bit of a row with his aunt regarding the meaning of Father's Day. Cherry Bugg wanted to go see Papa Bugg who usually resides on top of Mister John and Miss Jill's bed. Cherry Bugg asserted that her nephew could not see him until she was done talking with him. Usually, Papa Bugg tends to be cantankerous and usually asks the other rabbits if they have any "smokes." While I have never know a rabbit to smoke, Jill and I believe that Papa Bugg picked up this bad habit while in the merchant marines.

Chip was not allowed into the room and he and his aunt briefly brawled. While he was seemingly no worse for the wear, he still wanted into the room to say hello to his grandfather. Luckily Miss Jill and I later came home and assuaged the struggle.

Ironically, Papa Bugg spent most of Father's Day in the back yard with some of his other children so Cherry Bugg and Chip essentially squabbled over hanging out with Clifford, the Bunny Stopper! (see a clip from last year's blog).

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