Saturday, June 6, 2009

Meet Clyde, Our New Tree

As Jill and I become more nimble with our not-so-green thumbs, we have adopted a new tree into the household. We now have our third camphor tree. The first has always been in the front yard and the second was planted about 10 years ago and provides shade to the back corner of the house. This third camphor tree named Clyde after my grandfather (I was named after my other grandfather) and sits in the middle of the yard where an elm resided until it was uprooted to make play for an amateur radio (ham) tower in 1984.

Clyde seems to be doing quite well other than the rabbit-oriented scrapes and bruises. One brown bear by the name of Ruby Jane has been nibbling at Clyde's bark so we wrapped it in netting this afternoon. Ultimately, he will be a great shade-making addition to the backyard.

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