Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cherry Bugg Instigates Near Soccer Brawl with Phillip

Cherry Bugg, who has never actually watched a soccer game but knows that it's played on a large verdant pitch of tasty grass, antagonized Phillip this afternoon after the shocking 2-0 US soccer victory over Spain. Phillip, a Spanish prince and rabbit, was quite dismayed by the outcome and was originally hiding in the back corner of his cage. As he was seeking comfort from his mate Jane, Cherry Bugg was laying down soccer smack in a most bunny-like way. "We bit you on the butt and took all of your carrots!" Never has Phillip been that angry. Well, one time Miss Jill rearranged his furniture... and he is quite particular about his arrangements. He becomes a fussbudget even if you move a water dish.

The situation did settle down later but not without a few choice Spanish words from Phillip. Luckily, Miss Jill and I are not that well versed at Spanish bunny talk so I guess Phillip got the better of that conversation. In any event, none of the bunnies had a comment at press time although I do believe Root Beer Float was eating a plant... but more on that later after I get the complete scoop from Miss Jill. Until then I think the local vegetation better watch out.

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