Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bunnies Unmoved by Illnesses

Supposedly a mean touch of the flu hit the home of Mister John and Miss Jill but the rabbits did not buy their excuses. They were thumping mad that in a week in which Mister John has multiple short days -- and even took a sick day! -- that they did not get to run around the back yard. "THUMP," said Ruby Jane's right back foot. Cherry Bugg did curtly add to this whole illness thing, "I thought I saw a pig tail on that Mister John. The swine flu with him!" They all giggled before ChBugg tried to bite the others on the butt.

But four of the rabbits were able to be out and about for a summer Sunday. Alas, RBF and Ruby Jane were also unhappy that they had to go up early because their masters were going to Mass. Maybe if the bunnies had more religion in their lives, they would not be so unsympathetic to such matters.

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