Monday, August 17, 2009

Princess Jane Incensed at Mockery

Mister John and Miss Jill looked all regal last week while visiting the Eagle Castle Winery in Central California (either inside or outside the border of Paso Robles). They took quite a quaint picture as they looked very royal here. Unfortunately one rabbit princess did not take kindly to this photo and called it grotesque. While the two humans tried to play it off as some sort of satire, it still did not go over well with either Jane and Phillip.

Mister John (pictured to the left) is sitting at his wife's laptop in Pismo Beach wondering whether or not the quasi-royal picture was appropriate. After a few thoughtful minutes, he decided to go with the photo.

Unfortunately for Mister John, the whole school year process begins again tomorrow. Another 11 months of teaching... the bunnies will miss him. Who will let them out during the day? Indeed.

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