Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Night for the Pengoon

Alas, poor Pengoon, I knew him well, Horatio.

The Academic Decathlon mascot will return to school tomorrow as the whole school year process starts all over again. While it is sad not to see the cheerful penguin in the home, it does prove problematic. Such animals like TV Turtle and Sharkey (who disappeared for a week but was finally found in Miss Jill's jewelry box, don't ask) do not like the Pengoon's presence because he eats most of their fish. The Pengoon denies it all but fish breath is hard to remove.

Only students who are in Academic Decathlon are allowed to touch the penguin. Others receive detention. Such is the power of the penguin... er, Pengoon.

Not to worry, world, the Pengoon will be back home over Christmas vacation. Hey, gotta take the carpool lane once in a while!

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