Sunday, August 9, 2009

Commute Bunny Nearly Disrupts Hamlet

While Mister John was off in London on official business, he decided to drop by the Wyndham Theatre and watch a production of Shakespeare's greatest tragedy Hamlet, starring Jude Law. Mister John thought it was an excellent production as it had a much greater variety of humor than the occasionally self-congratulating and often bombastic (yet excellent) Kenneth Brannagh version. He showed up looking quite dapper as Commute Bunny hid behind Mister John's tie and promised to keep quiet and never say, "Kitty! Kitty!" to anyone. He later bribed her with cookies and cream ice cream during the intermission.

Alas, in the middle of Hamlet's great "To be or not to be" soliloquy in the third act, Commute Bunny got bored and trying to sing out, "It's bo-ring! It's bo-ring! The fat man in the front row is sno-ring!" Luckily Mister John muffled this action before this would interrupt Jude Law and the rest of the elite West End audience. Do note that the seat was dead centre, third row. Yeah, he could see the actors spit out ever 'p' word. Commute Bunny did start singing in the fourth act when Ophelia started singing about Valentine's Day and later decided to go swimming with the flowers. No, not Flowers (to the right). Poor Ophelia never had a chance. She was romantically interested in a prince who just saw his uncle kill his father and then marry his mother. Her father talked way too much and her brother Laertes was a hot headed France lover!

All in all, the play was worth the 110 pounds. Superior acting, adequate costumes (Horatio wearing rolled-up jeans, really?), impeccable timing, and solid lighting... I give it a strong 4 1/2 carrots! Now if only my traveling rabbit companion could keep her mouth shut in the Tube as well...

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