Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chee Takes a Bath! (or Bunny Burrito)

Fresh off of Chip getting a bath a few days back, Cherry Bugg received one as well. The Chee often suffers from embarrassing fits of stinky butt. She sits on her potty and rues philosophically when she should be hopping around on regular ground. Thus she needs to be cleaned. Poor girl has gotten used to baths but still she feels even more embarrassed to be bathed. Of course Miss Jill didn't help matters when she wrapped Cherry Bugg in a towel and proclaimed, "Bunny burrito!"

Operation Clean Chee was successful as we clean her fur and she doesn't smell so badly now. Of course we did startle her with our jumping about during the Northern Iowa upset of Kansas today. Chee doesn't care for college basketball that much. They call fouls for biting others in the butt.

Miss Jill is not sure who is next in the bunny bath parade. It will either be Root Beer Float or Ruby Jane. But like most of our rabbits, they will be indignant about the whole thing.

Also note in the top left picture that Cherry Bugg still has orange on her fur. That's what happens when a rabbit eats a carrot too ravenously. I hope I don't have pizza chin.

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Carol said...

Getting ready for their Easter Bonnets??