Friday, March 5, 2010

Planning for Rabbit Liberation Day!

It's less than a month until one of the biggest days on the calendar: Rabbit Liberation Day. On that day, rabbits of the world unite and break their chains of bondage and servitude. They hop proudly and independently and eat carrots throughout the world.

This event used to be led by the "Easter Bunny" but truth be told, that bunny was a sell-out to the cause. He was voted out in an election over ten years ago and there has been an amalgam of bunny leaders ever since. Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane, for instance, are the local chapter representatives in charge of food and drink. Cherry Bugg is in charge of security. Prince Phillip is in charge of decorations. Little Chip might just be there to look cute. Personally, I thought that was Miss Jill's job.

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