Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday with the Rabbits

While Miss Jill was away -- typically staying away from the bunnies -- Mister John vainly attempted to use the good camera to take some photos of the bunnies in action (or inaction, as the case may be). Sadly, his camera shooting is fair at best. The deleted photo of Gidget was much too bright as he needs how to figure out how to: a) zoom, b) use light better. For those of you NOT in the know, Gidget (aka the Surfwagon) was the previously used Volvo purchased by John and Jill Erb. Gidget has run quite well since her purchase in October. But Gidget shall get her own blog entry later: this one is for the bunnies.

The trio of terror were out and about in the backyard. That means Phillip, Ruby Jane, and Root Beer Float were outside. Typically Cherry Bugg has Saturdays to herself and these three have Sundays. It goes back to Sunday being Jane's day. And by decree, even after her passing, her husband has first right of hopping on Sunday.

This means that they sprint about the back yard for a good fifteen minutes at the start of their day. Then a few hours of idling. Typically, they'll just sit under a tree and either read poetry or eat it if it's tasty enough. Phillip goes up and down to his cage often to use the privy. Meanwhile Cherry Bugg just sits there and stares at them like an angry teenager who was grounded for not doing their homework and sticking their tongue out at other people.

Finally, Chip sits in the den pondering his existence as well. He spends much of the day sitting in his cage and staring at the wall. According to Chip, that is how Socrates became so wise. Just staring at the wall. Upon being told about Plato and his discourse about the man in the cave, Chip replied, "Huh?" That's ok, Chippers. One Greek philosopher at a time.

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