Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chip Bitten on Lip; Hops on Miss Jill's Head

Poor little Chip got into a scrape this week. While he claims that his aunt Cherry Bugg (Stinky Butt, he calls her) scratched him, it was more likely that his bigger sister Root Beer Float got him.

On our way over to the vet for the minor checkup, he didn't want any part of the carrying case and decided to hop on Jill's head and then settled on the back of her shoulders. He particularly like the fluffy hood to Miss Jill's green jacket. He stayed there for the rest of the drive to and from the vet's office.

Maybe Miss Jill wants to be like that typical crazy person at Venice Beach who walks around with a parrot or an iguana on their shoulder. It's bunny-on-the-head lady!

1 comment:

Carol said...

Hope jill wasn't driving. Glad little ole chip is ok.