Friday, June 18, 2010

Bunnies Celebrate Laker Championship

Last night was quite a busy night for the bunnies. While Mister John quietly graded his semester finals, they all went into another room and started watching the NBA Finals. I guess nothing says rabbit romper room like Lakers/Celtics. Oddly enough it was a physical match and Connie kept asking the bunnies and the other stuffed animals if they wanted to rassle. That scares TV Turtle because he's seen what has happened to those pro wrestlers. First the sun lamp and then it's all downhill from there.

Anyway, they were thumping and hollering for the game, most especially Phillip. For those who don't recall, Prince Phillip originally hails from Spain so he was quite fixated on rooting for fellow Spaniard Pau Gasol. Gasol came up with many key plays in the fourth quarter. And while he might have missed many free throws (Phillip kept thumping at that), he does know how to arrange the furniture correctly in a room. Phillip does not call that feng shui, he calls it good taste. Upon the championship, Phillip hopped into the air and that scared the only bunnies. Actually that only mildly surprised Root Beer Float who was eating cake. Oh, and I think Chip was rustling through a trash can trying to find any leftover pretzels (you know, the ones with peanut butter in side of them).

Alas, as soon as the game was over, controversy struck. Many people on the Internet claimed that Pau Gasol was not from Spain but rather the high plains of Peru. They even supplied a pic to support their claims. Phillip just assumed this was racist anti-Spanish sentiment. Or at least some sort of slam against their under-performing soccer team. The good news in this house is that none of the stuffed animals care about soccer. Well, no one but Simon. Simon clearly roots for the English team but he's not around much. Probably been in the pub for the last week or so. He shows up just enough to antagonize Cherry Bugg. Phillip still holds his Spanish mane proud. Just as Pau Gasol should.

As for Peru, Phillip just says it's a great country to round up Dutch wannabe felons. Sounds reasonable enough.

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