Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dirty Chip Gets Another Bath

Chip has been up to no good as has a dirty bottom once again. He has the typical Bugg trait of sitting in his potty bin for much too long. So back into the sink goes he! He fought it initially. "I'm not a stinky butt!" he exclaimed. (This is of course a direct reference to Cherry Bugg who is the archetypal "Stinky Butt") Alas, Mister John gave him another bath so for the rest of this calm Saturday, Chippers will dry off and ponder why Mister John and Miss Jill were "so cruel" to him. Meanwhile his aunt Cherry Bugg hops about in the back yard because it is Saturday, her day. On Sunday, what was traditionally the royal day for Princess Jane (RIP), Prince Phillip will be out with the Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane. None of them currently need baths.

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