Sunday, June 27, 2010

Keanu and Forrest Both Waiting for Cherry Bugg

Another Sunday, another day that Cherry Bugg does not get to play in the back yard. While she does manage to get inside the house, she remains sitting in a box. Chip has the run of the living room but sits next to Mister John who watches Argentina dominate Mexico in a World Cup soccer match. Meanwhile all the other rabbits frolic about in the back yard doing whatever they wish.

The plight of Cherry Bugg has severely depressed Keanu Reeves who has joined forces with Forrest Gump to wait in protest at a bus stop until Cherry Bugg is free. The only word that Keanu, actor of such movies as The Matrix and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, would say about his protest was, "Whoa!" It was a matter of bad timing for Keanu as Forrest was about to say something about a box of chocolates but was interrupted by Keanu's one-word interjection. Maybe they're waiting for Chee, maybe they are waiting for Godot. Who knows?

Currently others are rioting in Toronto to "Free the Chee." No one quite knows if that will be successful or not. The tear gassing suggests it may not. But at least people around the world know of her isolation and suffering. If only Mister John and Miss Jill knew of such things.

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