Monday, June 14, 2010

Connie Watches UCLA Softball, Baseball; Wants to Wrestle

Connie, who has been hiding in Mr. John's old bedroom for over a decade, has come out of hibernation lately and has been proudly growling for her UCLA Bruins. She followed Mister John home after a bowling tournament so long ago. She's apt to hibernate especially during fall when UCLA football does not do as well. But now it's springtime and UCLA softball won a title and now baseball is in the World Series for the first time in over a decade.

Unfortunately for Miss Jill, Connie is not only a growling bear but she is also a wrestling one too. She often bops about the house and challenges people or stuffed animals to "rassling." Yes, she does love to rassle as many bears do. I cannot say I can blame.

As for Mister John, he too has been watching the Bruin sports machine crank it up over the past few weeks. Now if only basketball can get their act together.

Connie and Mister John have both been smiling over the recent miseries of the trOJans across the town. Connie gave Mister John a giant bear hug which almost put him out of commission for a few days.

Mister John, seen to the left representing his Bruin ski cap while in Ireland, has been noted to whistle the Bruin fight song more often lately. Ah, nothing puts an extra pace to his step than a Bruin win. That whole Pac-10 expansion thang will be commented upon at a later date.

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