Monday, June 4, 2012

15 Down, One to Go

While I by no means would ever claim that I am a die-hard Kings fan (the Dodgers and UCLA basketball are the top two for me), I do admit that watching this run to the Cup is quite amazing.  The veritable road warriors have won TEN straight on the road.  Heck, even the 5-2 home record right now is quite impressive.  Every game the Kings weather the early storm and then summarily close out their opponents in the final two periods. 

Mad props to all my friends who are clearly more ardent Kings fans than me.  It's been quite a long time... since... well, ever!  And I assuredly am not trying to jinx anyone but I might as well give the team mad props when I can.  I couldn't tell you where Anze Kopitar is from, or who actually played NCAA hockey (I'd leave that Jeff), but hey, I know good sport when I watch it.  And team play is much more interesting than that one-on-one garbage those Lakers play.  How can team ball be so effective at the college level and then it's completely forgotten by the time these guys get to the pros?  Anyway, I digress...

I rarely get to watch the games as they now start at five so the girls aren't even down and asleep until the third period.  And the geniuses at NBC have decided to play the games on there new sports channel which we really don't feel like paying extra for.  I'll save that rant for another day... but for now, Kings win!  One more, guys.

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