Thursday, June 28, 2012

Italy: Day Two

But I am writing this on day three so whatever.  Anyway, |I awoke yesterday morning and there's no start to the day like continental breakfast...regardless of the continent.  It just wakes you up and gets you going... well, that and not having to pay for one meal.  Yes, cheap Americans.

Anyway, I was thinking of taking a train trip in the morning but by the time I arrived at the train station, I knew that I wouldn't have enough time to get back to see The Last Supper at 4:15.  Instead I wanted to wander and see much of the center of town.  At least I tried to.  I went in the wrong direction and walked for two hours outside the center trying to figure out why I wasn't IN the center.  Stupid maps.  My supposedly brief walk expanded into a four hour hike. I nearly didn't get back in time to resettle, put on my pants, and go see the artwork.  Yes, one must wear pants when entering Italian churches.  Fine by me as I don't like wearing shorts to Mass anyway... just doesn't feel right.

This was another good walk spoiled.  With a few misread turns of the map (many streets NOT on the listing), I circled and circled and circled... never did find the church at the appointed time.  I was to be there no later than 3:45 to reserve my spot.  Alas, I finally did find the church... at 4:30.  I was a tired, sweaty, exasperated mess!  But the kindness of their hearts allowed me in.  The good news was that I was allowed to stand in with another tour group for their 15 minute stint. The bad news?  They were in there for eight minutes already!  Oh well, seven minutes of seeing the artistic rendering painted on the said of a chapel wall was good enough for me.

I made it back to the hotel later enough to watch the Portugal/Spain soccer game.  0-0 tie settled with goal kicks.  Wow, how droll... says the American.

As for day three?  I don't think I have the energy left to travel the country by train. I might just hit local museums instead.

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