Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Waffles and Other Things

 So Fathers Day has come and passed but not before Daddy busted out some tasty waffles for the big day.  Somehow the Erb tradition started when Aunt Pat coerced Grampa to fix waffles many years ago on a June Sunday morning.  Gramma said it wasn't right as he's supposed to have the day off but Pat posited that was the day he needed to prove his "Dad-ness."

Deep in the Heart of El Segundo
Many years later hopefully Daddy has proved his "Dad-ness" as well.  Of course everyone would need to ask Mary Jane and Betsy Jo but they really don't have much of a say yet.  Not to say that Mary Jane can't talk (oh, she can!) but she doesn't have the profundity yet to question Daddy's role in the great holiday known as Fathers Day. 
The Prophet
Sometimes you might have to go to an outside source... say... a mule deer in Grand Canyon Park.  He seemed innocent enough.  Of course this picture was taken before the births of Mary Jane and Betsy Jo but what you don't see in this picture is the deer saying, "What's up there, Daddy-O?"  Foretelling the future?  Hmm... methinks so.

Anyway, Daddy is looking forward to a roadtrip next week.  Many pics to come.

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