Sunday, June 10, 2012

Girls Visit Aunt Pat and Grampa Erb

Mary Jane and Betsy Jo went out to visit Aunt Pat and Grampa yesterday.  Well, Daddy drove them out there technically.  The two girls don't quite have the savvy yet to take the Expo Line to the Gold Line yet.  Maybe some day... but not yet.

Clearly Aunt Pat put Mary Jane to hard work as she's collecting weeds in the picture to the left.  What she really did was get some weeds and put them in the bucket and them pull them back out only to them back in again.  Good repetitive work!
 Mary Jane also tried to use Garrett or Trevor's old tricycle.  It didn't work out so well for her as her legs are still a bit short but she does have the right idea.  She drove it Flintstones-like before just giving up on and asking Daddy, "Up?"  This time it truly meant, "Pick me up from this bike which doesn't work, Daddy."
Betsy Jo frolicked in the backyard grass, just running her fingers through the grass.  No leaves to eat so she was content with mere idling.  Grampa came over to keep an eye on her.  Ah, good ol' Grampa. 

Afterward the girls were both tired from their ride out to Monterey Park and briefly napped on their ride home.

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