Friday, July 3, 2009

Bunnies Hunger Strike for Independence Day

The rabbits were collectively trying to stage a protest this morning in a sign of solidarity against the "tyrannical rule" of Mr. John and Miss Jill. They promised a hunger strike that would last until their demands were met. What these demands are remains to be seen but the rabbits remain firm in their demands.

It all started when Cherry Bugg hopped onto Miss Jill and Mr. John's bed last night to state her opposition to the ruling party. Miss Jill was unsure of when Cherry Bugg meant and as a portent sign of protest, ChBu then bit the lion on the nose. Yes, the lion which followed Mr. John home from LMU about two weeks ago. The lion hasn't stated his name yet but he does growl at the other bed animals and he does wear a shirt reading "Somebody at LMU Loves You." The lion was startled at this unbridled act of defiance. After a few loud roars from the lion which startled all in the house (Mr. John even got up from his "evil" sudoku {which truly wasn't "evil" because he finished it in 24 minutes} to see the commotion) yet Cherry Bugg remained indignant. She even charged her father, Papa Bugg, because he was not fully supportive of the rabbit plight. Papa Bugg, who previously in the night was given "smokes" by Miss Jill (she says they were just pretzels with peanut butter inside and she tricked him), appeared unmoved by his daughter's forceful rhetoric and went back to watching more of the Michael Jackson TV circus with Miss Jill, TV Turtle, and Clifford (yes, the big red dog).

This morning the bunnies vowed to maintain a strict hunger strike, only vowing to eat when they are given food by Miss Jill and Mr. John. This strategy does not exactly seem to work because Mr. John fed them this morning and the bunnies barely even paused to display hunger strike solidarity before chomping down hay and pellets. Cherry Bugg called out the other four backyard bunnies as traitors to the cause. Root Beer Float replied, "Achoo!" before going back to eating a second helping of pellets.

Cherry Bugg did pass out t-shirts reading "The Caged Bunny Always Thumps!" Even Princess Jane approved.

The rabbits have admitted that they would continue their hunger strike this afternoon, as long as Mr. John does not open their cages, put down their ramps, and allow them to run free.

For now the rabbits remain defiant and mostly in support of the hunger strike. Root Beer Float, however, was last seen eating her t-shirt.

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