Thursday, July 16, 2009

Movin' on Up!

After two days in the LBC, Miss Jill and I decided to roll the dice and see where Priceline would take us again. And this time Captain Kirk beamed us to Beverly Hills! (OK, Scotty did much of the beaming but he was an engineer, not a transporter chief) Anyway, we stayed at the Residence Inn Beverly Hills even though it was technically in LA (boo!). I guess that explains the large cockroaches on the street outside of the hotel. Beverly Hills must have evicted all pests.

Commute Bunny made some more friends but that's what she does. I guess she wants to be on TV shows but I prefer if she remains grounded.

Anyway, we're back home, our furniture is all over the place, the wood floors are all polished, and Jill said no rabbits inside for twenty years (at least that's what Cherry Bugg told me). Now where oh where did the carpet/floor guys put the remote controls. Thump.

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