Thursday, July 9, 2009

Miss Jill and Mister John Yearn for a Safari

2006 seems like so long ago. Miss Jill and Mr. John keep a handle on the six manic rabbits of Dewey Street but sometimes they yearn for the days of giraffes and elephants. They ventured to the San Diego Wild Animal Park a few weeks back and took pictures of some of the denizens of the African wild. Look at those lovely elephants to the right. Mother and son enjoying the sunshine of San Diego. Hopefully they don't yearn too much for the homeland.

They also saw a cheetah, an animal that they never did see while in Africa to begin with. The grass was too high due to an overabundant rain season that fall in Kenya. Maybe the cheetahs are camera shy. But this kitty to the right is not camera shy at all. Of course there still needs to be a fence there just in case Commute Bunny starts chirping to see a kitty.

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