Monday, July 6, 2009

Meet the Parents

To know the rabbits in the Bugg family, first you must know their parents. Mama Bugg, on the left, is a strong-minded mother who only looks out for the best of her family. She teaches the younger bunnies to groom at an early age and usually they reciprocate in turn. However, the bunnies do tend to rebel as they age and sometimes may even bite her on the nose when in an argument with her.

Papa Bugg, on the right, was not always on hand to raise the children and that has been a problem in their relationship. Luckily, he is done with his tour of duty as a merchant marine and now he is back to keep an eye on them. He often has to keep Cherry Bugg in line and she tends to thump and squawk when she does not get her way. Luckily he has left his merchant marine language back at the docks but he does struggle with his vices of drinking and smoking. Mama Bugg's forceful presence helps out with that. And while Root Beer Bugg is off in Europe participating in jumping shows, it is good that Mama and Papa Bugg have helped raise their grandchildren: Ruby Jane, Root Beer Float, and Chip (also known as Root Beer Junior).

But in another good sign for the parents, Cherry Bugg helps clean their bedroom as the picture on the right shows ChBu assiduously manning the broom and dust bin in case any bunny leaves a present behind. Good for you, Cherry Bugg! Mister John and Miss Jill are quite fond of rabbits who help with the chores.

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