Monday, July 20, 2009

Miss Jill Related to Greatest Player in Baseball History! (Bunnies Unmoved)

According to reliable baseball sources, my own Miss Jill is related to the greatest baseball player in history.

He has always amazed me in that no one in MLB swings at fewer first pitches than him. Maybe he just wishes to find the perfect pitch to bunt every at bat. Life is a series of sacrifices after all.

Alas, Ruby Jane and Root Beer Float disagree with that statement. Life should not be a series of sacrifices but rather a continuous bacchanalian fest full of carrots, grass, and roses. RBF could not be held for comment as she had food in her mouth and that it would be improper to talk.

Meanwhile, one jockey with the last name of Erb won the Kentucky Derby once. That's about it for us. Of course there is that John Erb in Virginia who thinks the big bad Pharma Wolf is out to get him. But I digress from the main topic at hand: Miss Jill is related to the greatest player in baseball history! WOOT!

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