Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summertime in the LBC

What an interesting twist of fate! Miss Jill and I had to leave the Westsiiiiiide because we got our bedroom carpets removed and our previously hiding wood floors uncovered and polished. While the floor will remind me of bowling (currently averaging 208 at Mar Vista Bowl, thank you very much), it poses us with a problem: we had to find a place to stay.

Miss Jill wisely got us a good deal on Priceline and I discovered it was in Long Beach. True, Long Beach is the ancestral home of the Erbs as Mom and Dad both went to high school at LB Wilson. But our hotel was located right there in the HOOD! Yeaah... booooyeeee!

Commute Bunny went hopping into the LBC Hood and made a friend (see right). Fo shizzle!

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