Saturday, December 18, 2010

Awaiting Mary Jane's First Professional Pictures

Ah, yes, it's that time of year. Well, I guess most people with children (or rabbits) get ready with their traditional Christmas photos for cards or whatever. But at least in our circumstance, it is also a "welcome to the family" type card. So then everyone can say, "Oh, that's so cute!" or something close to that effect. Or some unknowing friend or relative saying, "Wow, looks just like you." Hmm.

In any event, it is our second day of rain and it is supposed to rain all the way through Wednesday. That's quite alright as we need all the rain we can get here in supposedly sunny California. All this does is keep the light down for our little girl so Mary Jane doesn't have to deal with bright sunlight for a few days.

As for Miss Jill and Mister John, they both received plenty of sleep last night as MJ slept solidly with only small one hour breaks for eating and changing. I wish the bunnies would be so respectful!

Alas, poor Cherry Bugg is locked up in the bedroom cage. She's not big on pictures anyway. She claims it is all vanity. Smart rabbit, that Cherry Bugg. Such a large vocabulary: vanity, subterfuge... she'll teach Mary Jane very well.

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