Friday, December 10, 2010

Second Day Home: Bunnies Still Unsure

Mary Jane has been home now for over a day and she is quietly resting while her mommy drives off for errands. Meanwhile Mr. John has asked the bunnies about the new member of the family. The comments are mixed but one concern is universal. "Does this mean less food for us?" That was headed by Root Beer Float when then proceeded to jump into a bin and hide lest the new being chase her down. Mister John had to console her that Mary Jane wouldn't be able to chase her down for a very long time but she still worried anyway.

Phillip hopped into the nursery and approved the safari layout in there. While some of the animals in there do scare him, Phillip was still committed to keeping the baby in there and not in his capacious cage. Mister John later told Phillip that babies don't sleep in outdoor cages. Phillip's quick response, "Ah, that's why Chip sleeps indoors." Ouch.

Anyway, Mister John went back to work and tested his sophomores on Macbeth. Meanwhile Miss Jill spent some home time with the baby this afternoon. All's good on Dewey Street.

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