Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back from the Park...

Not much on the adoption update for now. Knowing that we still might have many hours to wait (and it's not like we can sit right in there in the waiting room), we drove out to the park to hang out and waste a few hours. It was actually quite scenic in a chilly December sort of way. Very few people in the park which was the size of Central Park (as we were told). As you may or may not see to the left, there is a sizable lake created by a beaver dam. Originally this whole area was a lake but the man-made levee broke and when the levee breaks, mama, you gotta move. That is until the beavers come in and establish a natural order. They decree that there shall be no flowing rivers through here!

We also hiked around for quite a while, wondering about the hours to come. There's nothing quite like standing around and waiting. It's easier to wait when being out and about. At least that way there's some some of physical release. A nature hike of catharsis? Something like that.

In any event, we are due to call the hospital again shortly. Hopefully the poor birth mother will be further along. She was induced yesterday morning and it's into tomorrow afternoon! Yikes. Or as Shaggy would say, "Zoinks!"

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