Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bunny Civil War While MJ Awakens

A busier afternoon at Chez Erb than expected. This being a typical Saturday, the trio of Phillip, Chip, and Cherry Bugg were out and about in the back yard. Chip usually keeps to himself under the orange tree while Cherry Bugg and Phillip stay in their own territories.

Meanwhile Root Beer Float was brought inside to show off to a visitor. She was then locked up in Chip's cage. Ah... but Mister John and Miss Jill forgot something quite important... RBF knows how to escape. So she hopped up and over the 30 inch barrier (well, her father is the famous European show jumping rabbit Root Beer, Sr.) and she hopped out into the back yard to pick a fight... or two.

Alas, Root Beer Float does not get along with her younger brother Chip so they must have tussled. Then she and her aunt Cherry Bugg went at in a few different battles in the back yard. Oh those silly fur pulling battles.

Mister John got out there much too late but he saw the empty cage in the house and went outside to break it up. As he settled the rabbits' scrimmages, poor miss Mary Jane grew hungry and voiced her own opinion on this. She cried out loud demanding food which awakened poor sleeping Miss Jill who had been up for many hours. But all problems were averted as MJ got her food, RBF was put into her cage, and Cherry Bugg was assured that she was cute and smart rabbit.

Saturdays just aren't the same at Chez Erb anymore. Much more festive... Tis the season, I guess.

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