Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Victorville, Day Two

We have been up here for almost a full day now. The birth-mother has been induced so it is just some amount of time until the child is born. But until then we are in this purgatory of sorts. Just sitting here... waiting... waiting...

At some point we need to go to the CHP and figure out how to deal with the child seat in the back of the car. Silly small things when you look upon them are not so silly.

Meanwhile we are both sitting in the hotel room with laptops tapping away. Alas, we only have one plug so we have to rotate our power cords. So if this computer suddenly dies... well, I guess I'll type this all up again at a later date.

Now the most important question people have is: how will the bunnies deal with this?

I'm not sure they will. Cherry Bugg is quite Chee-centric and no one else comes before her. I'm sure she'll thump at the thought of a child. Oh well, at least Chee will not have to give up any extra carrots for a year or so. Then again I wonder how much the Chee will like carrot-flavored baby food.

At some point today we will receive the call and we will... sit in the waiting room? I'm not actually sure. Miss Jill might know more of what will happen next. But there will be some waiting. Some hand holding, some prayers, some hard-level Sudokus.

WHOA! The phone just rang. Nope... a friend of Miss Jill's just called. But yeah... that's a bit of tension when you jump at any sudden ring of the phone.

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