Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mary Jane Suffers Bath; Chip Begs for Food

After a long day of sleeping and eating and sleeping and eating and occasionally relieving herself, Mary Jane did not realize that she'd have to take a bath today. Tomorrow is a big day for MJ as she's going to Mister John's school for the Christmas party. Oh my, she has to look really cute for that. So Miss Jill and Mister John gave her a bath tonight. Yes, such the shiny and clean girl now.

Unlike the bunny baths, MJ didn't seem to fuss much. She kept her cool and only cried in small doses. Miss Jill attacked with the sponge while Mister John calmly kept his big hairy hand upon her so she wouldn't escape. Well, more like just roll back and forth.

Meanwhile Chip surreptitiously entered the kitchen knowing that if his two main feeders were in the kitchen, some carrot action is about to happen. Chip sat there hearing the bath continue and he had some flashbacks. Nothing worse than a rabbit getting soaked. Some of those Chip bath pictures are classics. Look at that guy over there. Doesn't he look happy? OK, he looks like he just sat out in the rain for four hours without an umbrella.

Anyway, he was later given a carrot so he was happy. Mary Jane finally was dried off and put into her night wear so she could sleep. Now it's evening and with her sleeping and Chip sitting beside this blogger, all is quiet in the house... except for the noisy computer.

Tomorrow is the last day of finals for Mister John so he'll be doing Mister Dad chores for a few days. Oh no!

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Juanita said...

Mister John/Mister Dad, I'm proud of you!! Master teacher, master bunny bather and now master baby!! I know you will be enjoying the next two weeks......looking forward so much to your trip our way. Love to the Erbs!!