Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Heading Home... at Last!

Miss Jill, Mister John, and Mary Jane are finally on their way home to Los Angeles tomorrow after a longer-than-expected stay in Arizona. That darn RSV held up Mary Jane for a few days but now she is sleeping like she always does... with that nice soft grunting sound. It was quite helpful to have Jill's family provide the overtime hospitality for us. Typically dead fish and guests smell after three days but we tried our best not to overlive our stay.

Today we managed to wander around the desert with MJ. Well, she was kinda held up in my pouch but that's ok. She'll be out and about and wandering next year and we'll be telling her then not to touch the cholla and watch out for scorpions, fried foods, and guys with tattoos on their foreheads. But all in due time.
But for now... a peaceful night of sleep and a hopefully inconsequential drive back into rainy (once sunny) California. At least the rabbits will be happy to see us... or will they? Thumpmas has come and gone yet again. Hmm...

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