Sunday, April 4, 2010

Strong Earthquake Strikes Southern California; Root Beer Float Not Impressed

According to, a string of earthquakes rattled the Pacific Coast of the United States and Mexico on Sunday, including a magnitude 6.9 quake that could be felt across Baja California, southern California, and the Erb family backyard which startled Phillip and caused Ruby Jane to run across the backyard..

That quake, centered about 175 kilometers (110 miles) east-southeast of Tijuana, was the largest of at least many that struck from the Mexican desert to the northern California wine country, according to the USGS. But none of this truly mattered to Root Beer Float who quietly sat through these tremors and pondered why her sister was acting so apoplectic. She even asked her sister why all the fuss. "It is just a typical disturbance caused by the continuous rubbing of the Pacific and North American plates. Why all the fuss?" Ruby Jane still ignored her and continued to run laps around the back yard. After a few minutes, Ruby Jane relaxed and sat under a tree eating an orange peel.

While the original 6.9 magnitude has just been raised to 7.2, this still has not affected Root Beer Float to do anything spectacular. In fact she hopped over to the other side of the backyard and started eating the leaves from branches Mister John cut down that were hanging over their back fence. Calm under pressure is that RBF. Regardless of magnitude.

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