Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ella Moo Grazes in the Back Yard

Saturday is typically the day for Cherry Bugg to run about in the backyard. But today the Chee is inside on the bed with Miss Jill as they watch Gilmore Girls, or something like that. In her absence, Miss Ella Moo, the bedroom cow, rests in the back yard. She occasionally grazes but never in the same space as Root Beer Float or Ruby Jane.

Ella followed home Mister John one day after he visited his new grad school campus. Unbeknown to him, she sneaked into the car and has been a home cow ever since. She is quite the cheerful animal and reminds Miss Jill of the importance not to eat too much meat. She does often tell Mister John and Miss Jill to eat more chicken (just like those commercials). But this causes controversy as Cherry Bugg has often been referred to as "The Chicken" due to her proclivity of brooding in the bedroom. And Cherry Bugg does get a bit irritated when Miss Jill pushes the "Are You Chicken?" button which plays the Chicken Dance.

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