Monday, April 12, 2010

Bunny Found in a Basket!

Miss Jill was walking through the den today and came across an odd site. She called me and said, "Mister John, did you know that we have a bunny in a basket?" I incredulously said, "No, I did not know we had a bunny in the basket." But there she was. Root Beer Float sitting in a basket wondering how to get out and what was for dinner. It's a good thing she didn't act like her aunt Cherry Bugg and start biting the wicker. That would have been unfortunate.

If you find any examples of bunnies in a basket, please let us know. It might be some sort of odd North American species that had previously been unspecified by those scientists who give those wacky Latin names to things. Bunnius basketus. Or something like that. Binomial nomenclature rocks.

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