Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chip Afraid to Visit In-Laws

Poor Chip has been watching too much news on TV and now he is paranoid that if Miss Jill and Mister John take him to visit Miss Jill's parents in Arizona that he might be deported. Chip realized that he doesn't have any papers and his father, Root Beer, Sr., is still in Denmark teaching gymnastics. (Note: that supplements his income to go on tour and compete in jumping exhibitions.) If Chip is deported then he may never see his grandparents again!

Cherry Bugg, however, welcomed this turn of events. "We don't like his kind of subterfuge here. We think he needs to go!" Chee never exactly stated who the "we" she was talking about. But it was quite alarming that she would speak that way against her own nephew. "My brother got all the love," Chee later complained. "It was always Root Beer this and Root Beer that. I say THUMP to that. Thump, I say."

Mama and Papa Bugg ignored this rant knowing how much they love all their grandchildren. "It's MEH that my babies don't get along but this whole anti-Rabbit thing in Arizona has got to go. They have all those ugly jackrabbits there. Why not some really cute Buggs?"

Papa Bugg later off the camera said he'd support whatever position got him a free beer and some smokes.

Chocolate Bunny also reminded everyone not to eat chocolate.

Oh, life in the Erb family.

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