Thursday, April 22, 2010

Miss Jill Returns Home from Portugal

Miss Jill returned home tonight from her long sojourn in Portugal but the bunnies were not extremely receptive. Chip did come in to greet her in the bedroom but Cherry Bugg drove him out. It was duly noted by Miss Jill though that Cherry Bugg did buy her a "Get Well Card" with the word Well crossed out and replaced with Home. That was quite a cute thing by the bunny.

The den now has a big carpet in it so Chip does not have many places to sit on the cold smooth tile any more. I bet he likes the rug. It will give him more of a reason to run faster. Those rabbits sure don't like tile floors.

RBF update: she's taking her medicine. She'll be OK but that nose of hers sure gets stuffed sometimes.

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