Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sisters Snuggle Under the Swing

This weekend Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane escaped from their normal Sunday activities of hopping, thumping, and sprinting to flop under the swing in the back corner of the yard. There they snuggled cheek-to-cheek and rested there for at least 30 minutes. Occasionally Phillip hopped by to guard the two but they were safe under the large wooden swing. Nearby the occasional fallen orange may startle them but that does not faze them. In fact, RBF can chomp down an orange in a remarkable time.

In a related note, Mister John is thinking about having another large carrot eating contest between Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane. While it is a "boat race" in the sense that RBF will clearly out-eat her dear sister, Guinness does want to check the time in which she can eat the giant carrot. My rabbit, a potential Guinness Book of World Records holder.

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Carol said...

love your pictures.